**Additional Feedback & Testimonials**

Matt & Marissa  Wedding: 4/28/2012                     The BEST option for a DJ!! - posted 5/2/2012

Michael Hale is so incredibly professional, personable, creative and fun! He MADE our wedding. He was full of ideas - good ones - that made our ceremony and reception so unique, but also listened to what we wanted and made sure to follow through. He fixed problems that weren't his problem to even fix. He made sure everything ran smoothly. He was really the wedding day coordinator on top of being our DJ. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Michael - HIRE HIM!

Jan 7th 2012 - Sweet 16 Pickwick, TN. (The DJ they hired did not show)

Hello. This is Tammy Plunkett. The mother of the 16 year old that you so graciously DJ'd her party last night. Just wanted to send another very big thank you and let you know just how great of a person you are. It lets me know that there are still good people in this bad world. Thanks so much again. All she has talked about is the nice DJ she met last night. You are wonderful at what you do. Will definitely tell everyone I know. Tammy Michele Dees Plunkett

Erica & Jose  Wedding: 1/7/2012   AMAZING!! - posted 1/21/2012

Michael was amazing at our wedding. He traveled to our venue and set up early to make sure everything went smoothly. He went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined or asked for from a DJ. We were more than impressed. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. His experience was more than obvious throughout the entire event. I have had guests calling and emailing me almost daily since our wedding (2 weeks ago) telling me how great our entertainment was and how that was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding. I will absolutely use him for any events that require entertainment in the future! The playlist was amazing. He followed all our requests to a T and his interaction with the guests was impressive.

December 17th 2011 - Kerri and Chris Neilson

Michael, I just now had the time to take the survery, so wanted to let you know that I finished it. Do not have any referals at this point only because Leah and Mitch have already booked you, and all of our other friends you have picked their date so far are getting married in other states. If we do have any frinds gettng married in Nashville in the future, we will be sure to reccommend you. We cannot thank you enough for making our night so wonderful! Our families and friends enjoyed every minute of the night, and so did we... it just went by too quickly for us! After the honeymoon we went to visit my family and they could not stop talking about how awesome of a choice we made in having you as our DJ! My dad thought you were just amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for how much stress you took off of me and chris on the night of our wedding. We were truly able to relax and enjoy every minute because of how organized you were with everything, and by how much you were able to gain our trust before the big day. Thank you again for making our big day so special! Hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends, and we will you all the best in the new year!

Steve & Joni Wood   Wedding: 9/17/2011          Professional and so much FUN!-Posted 9/29/2011

Michael was so much fun at our wedding!! He was very professional and considerate. Very organized!! He even bought fun necklaces and toys for the kids. Clean, family friendly music. Hosted the reception and made sure everything went off without any problems. Every one of our guest have commented that he is by far the best and most fun DJ!! Michael and his team are a pleasure to work with. HIGHLY recommend Expressions of Music!!

December 6, 2010 Subject: THANKS! Mike, you are an amazing DJ. Everyone RAVED about you!!! You are awesome at what you do, and we could NEVER thank you enough for what you did for us. You completely went over and above what you had to do or even needed to do! You will be forever an awesome friend and our MOST favorite DJ. We will give your name out to anyone and everyone who will listen. You "made" our night unbelievable! You kept the guests moving, involved, and entertained. I cannot get over how awesome our night was. You were the top of the cake! Our night was great, but you made it even better. Thank you a million, billion, gazillion times. I have no idea how we'll ever be able to repay you, but we'll figure it out ;-)! Thanks again, you are so awesome! Linda and Jason Pawlick

Oct 16th 2010 Jeremy & Evi

Michael, Thank you again for an amazing night. We have been getting compliments left and right on the wedding, and by far the most common is on yourself. You really outdid yourself. If there is ANYTHING we can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to call. Feel free to give my name and number/email to any potential clients down the road. I'd be glad to talk to them and let them know how incredible everything was. We wish you all the best in both your personal and professional life, and thank you again for an incredible night.

May 21st 2011
Michael, Thank you again for doing such a great job.
We really appreciate all your hard work.  Thanks Daryl & Michelle

May 14th 2011                 Michael
We are so thankful for the work you have done to provide the entertainment for our wedding.  I was impressed with you from the first time we chatted on the phone.  You made our day extra special
Awesome website that made planning easy
& fun.   Very friendly, helpful & experienced DJ…..Thank You           Sincerely  Jake & Missy Bell

September 26th 09–Ryan & Megan Swisher
Mike provided completely personalized service understanding our wants and needs 100%.  He was professional and entertaining without being over the top.  At our reception, everyone kept asking us “where did you find the DJ” Thank You so Much!

Michael did a great job.  He took care of the sound system & he was very friendly & cordial to our singers & guests.  We will be using him again for our next event.  His price was reasonable and he was earlier than expected & even helped us move our own personal equipment.  They were very efficient, took care of all things that were planned & discussed.  We had a gospel singing benefit & couldn’t ask for it to have went any smoother. – Ronnie & Shelia Gray – April 25th 2009

Mike was unbelievably wonderful!  He was well organized, in control and really make the evening totally wonderful for everyone.  His sense of humor was well appreciated.  Wow!  Mike was great!  I couldn’t have had anyone better!  The DJ can make or break the party.  As a teacher / chaperone I’ve seen both.  Mike made the party magnificent and fun!  The songs were perfect for cocktail hour, dinner as well as dancing.  I will definitely recommend your company to my friends as well as Mike Hale as a DJ. – Susan Anderson – September 13th 2003

Mike played great music.  Was very helpful in picking out songs and planning the evening.  He made me very comfortable and made the evening run smoothly.  Thank you! You were awesome.  I am just sorry we had our wedding on a Sunday, so everyone didn’t have to leave to go to work in the morning.  They missed a ton of great songs you played! – Janel Bartke – Sept 28th 2003

Dear Michael
Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding.  We appreciate all the effort you put into it.  Your attention to detail made our wedding run very smoothly.  We have very happy memories of our wedding, and we are glad that you could be there with us.  Thanks again
With all of our love, your friends Gabrielle & Patrick

Dear Michael
                There are no words to express our gratitude for giving our kids the wedding reception of their dreams.  You literally saved the day.  We appreciate you stepping in to take pictures after our photographer baled on us.  You’re a fantastic young man and I hope that you’ll make the trip up here when we have parties.  You’re on our party list! Stacia’s day started on a high and ended on a high.  Thank you for your part in that! – Marilyn & David Ruzic

Good Job organizing the reception!  He guided the flow from activity to next activity.  Mike is very professional and dedicated to doing an excellent job.  – Ben & Sarah Klandrud – August 5th 2006

We loved all the songs played!  Our guests have made many comments that the music was the best they have ever heard at a wedding which made it an event to remember.  Thank you so much for making our wedding so much fun!  I danced so much my feet hurt the next day! – Nicole Daniels – June 2nd 2007

He went above and beyond his dusties – such as being prepared for some last minute karaoke requests, over seeing the facility, and adjusting to our guests.  He was absolutely fantastic!! – Mary Rose Greer – July 12 2008

You helped out so much more than I expected with everything & you also helped to be a pillar for me to calm my nerves, look to for guidance, and overall were a huge help!  You gave us everything we wanted & more!  You were our first choice for a DJ & we would have been sad if you weren’t able to be there!  It was perfect & we wish we didn’t get so busy & miss so much, but all the guests have paid you huge compliments!  I couldn’t have asked for a better day & a better DJ!  You have been & will be in all of our recommendations & now we have personal views & compliments to share so others will use you!  You always give 110% it totally shows in your professionalism, how personal you are with us & all of you couples, and how you are willing to do anything to help make everything perfect for your clients!  You for sure are the best! – Jen & Andrew – Sept 6th 2008


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