Let me express congratulations to you both.  And thank you for taking your time to consider “Expressions of Music” as your entertainment, wedding coordinator, host, DJ & MC for your special day...... Wow what a mouthful, but there is a reason we list all of what we do for you.

Over the last 15+ years I have had the wonderful experience of providing just the right entertainment for all sorts of events.  I always feel honored to not only share in the celebration of two people who have found their soul mates, but to also know that I will be providing everlasting memories for everyone who attends your special day.

I have learned over the years that your DJ must be more than someone who just plays music.  A DJ ultimately must act as you’re:

  • Host (overseeing and welcoming your guests)
  • Master Of Ceremonies (making all announcements and introductions of the bridal party)
  • But most importantly: You must have someone who brings that all together and is able to be your Wedding Coordinator.

So your DJ helps you both to know that upon walking in the room, that all is in order and all you have to do is enjoy yourselves.

For all of this to come together we meet with you 2-3 weeks before your special day.  This type of consultation is a chance to discuss your wishes and special requests.   We will also inspire you to feel comfortable, knowing you can rely on Expressions Of Music.  My pride and passion is in making every effort to inspire you, your family, and guests, creating an atmosphere that is appropriate for everyone, all will know that your reception was well planned and the wonderful memories will be everlasting.

That is why…

“The Best Is The Least We Can Do”

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